No Such Thing As Bad Weather - Feb 13

Film by Joshua Payne - Shot on location in Glasgow


Interzone Festival at The Whiskey Bond - Glasgow 

Four hour durational performance devised by Lea Cummings, performed by FK Alexander, Bridgit Colton, Lea Cummings, Sarah Glass, Paul Michael Henry, Caroline McKenzie, Steve Wade.

Black Sun Drum Korps - Invokation of Lady Macbeth  - March 13

Buzzcut at The Glue Factory - Glasgow

Group Industrial Drum and Fragmented Text Performance.

Dog Man Earth - March 13

Buzzcut at The Glue Factory - Glasgow

Collaborator with Paul Michael Henry for his 4 hour Butoh, sound and text piece. Performed with Henry the Dog.

FK § Sarah Green - July 13

Jury's Inn - Glasgow

Photos with Edinburgh based Portrait and Costume Artist, Sarah Green.

Black Sun Drum Korps - Invokation of Lady Macbeth - Aug 13

Peep Anatomy - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

2 hour performance in peep box - Black Sun Drum Korps combine rhythmic industrial music with Burroughs and Gysin’s cut-up technique to create an intense and visceral retelling of the Bard’s tale.

Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

(ATOM R - Mark Jeffries and Judd Morissey) - Nov 13

Remediating The Social - Electronic Litrature As A Model Of Creativity and Innovation In Practice conference - Edinburgh College of Art

Atom-r is a provisional collective exploring forensics, anatomy, and 21st century embodiment through performance, language and emerging technologies. 

Black Sun Drum Korps - Invokation of Lady Macbeth - Nov 13

Summerhall - Edinburgh

Interpretation of Shakespeare’s dark classic, Macbeth, focusing on the story of Lady Macbeth.