I Could Go On Singing (with Okishima Island Tourist Assosiation) - Jan 14

Into the New festival - The Arches, Glasgow

5 Hour one to one durational. Somewhere Over The Rainbow sung personally with eye contact and hand holding.

Satisfaction - Singing Collaboration with Clare Simpson of If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now - May 14

Cover of a Cover - Live singing with recording of Bjork and PJ Harvey's Cover or Satisfaction. Performed at Stereo for International Womans Day and at Citizens Theatre for BoomBox Performance Evening.

God Noise Aktion (With P6) - June 14

The Old Hairdressers - Glasgow

Noise and performance for all ages all day. Passages of a good book lovingly rammed down and from throats and ears. 

Street Mediation Aktion (With P6) - June 14

Durational public blessing - Glasgow 

Bells and bowls, pavement rainbows and cassette tapes on the street of city centre Glasgow

I Could Go On Singing (With okishima island tourist association) - July 14


Steakhouse Live at Rich Mix - London 

5 hour Version of one to one open performance. Somewhere Over The Rainbow to each person with eye contact and hand holding. 

In A Big Cuntry - Aug 14


Steakhouse Live for Beacons Festival - Leeds

Scottish Comedy Horror in small art tent at large music festival. Demented cover of In A Big Country by Big Country, using megaphone and face paint.

Rainbow Aktion - Kill Yr Tv - Sept 14

Crank Sturgen's Open Up The End Of Nothing Situation - The Old Hairdressers - Glasgow


Found Sound Collage and destruction action of smashing three laptops with an axe.

I Could Go On Singing - with Okishima Island Tourist Association - Oct 14

Spill Festival Of Performance - National Platform - Ipswich

4 Hour one to one performance. Each person has Somewhere Over The Rainbow sang to them, hand held, unbroken eye contact. 


Arches Live - Glasgow


An immersive sound-based sensorial experience performed using live singing bowls, medicinal noise music, restorative attention and chakra clearing frequencies. 

CLEAN TIME 276 - Nov 14

Tempting Failure Festival - Bristol 


FK ALEXANDER AND GRIMALKIN 555 (Sarah Glass). 4 hour durational. Live blood letting and noise. 276 paper medical cups are filled one by one with blood, water, and glitter to a repetitive noise soundtrack.

SEX RITUALS (With P6) - Dec 14



Noise and performance imploring art students to fuck one another and love their enemies. 

DSTRY YR SLF - April 14

Buzzcut Festival - Glasgow

Durational piece involving setting soft toys on fire and smashing vinyl and videotapes