FK Alexander is a Glasgow based Performance Artist whose work is concerned with issues of wounds, recovery, aggressive healing, radical wellness, industrialisation and noise music.  FK's work predominantly puts her body at the centre of ritualised, action based, often durational work, in often ridiculous attempts to communicate ideas around new language, new violence and new love.


FK collaborates often with a range of live artists and noise musicians.


Ongoing work is Further Investigative Experiments into technological rebellion, the decline of western civilisation, new animal ways and survival.  Employed elements include drone, frequency, waste, strobe and hammers. 


FK identifies as living in recovery from drug addiction and mental collapse and firmly believes we are all trying to recover from something or someone.


This work finds its home in outdoor performances, studio work, nightclubs and noise music gigs. 


As a former DJ, FK is interested in placing performance art in rock and roll settings and rock and roll in performance art.